Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end, and somewhere in the middle we became the best of friends.

Still remember how we hold each others hand, and we became the best besties?
Well, I remember.
And, I cherish it!

Well, this post is just a small gift from me for your birthday!!
I'm now so far from you, and we actually seldom meet and seldom talk.
So I decide to bring you back to our and only friendship memory lane. =)

Someone said that it takes a long time to grow an old friend. Well, guess how long it takes for us to grow as an old old friend? Yea, that's right!! 8 years!!!! It's a really really long time for both of us. And now, a single smile from you, can make my day.
Why?? Because you smile at me and you mean it.

Do you actually remember how we stick together for the whole secondary school days? We walk together, sit side to side, toilet together, sing together, sleep in class together, skip class together, AND we admire handsome guys together!!! XD
Dont you feel that we are like two volumes of one book? We need 2 volumes of book to write our whole story but we need both of us to finished it. =)

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things!!
Still remember your last 19th birthday, just before stpm? We actually curi-curi sneak out from our parents and celebrate with you. Here's the picha!!

We look super tired! ^.^

Another one, remember how we 'study' in senawang mcd for the whole long long night?? Actually we talk non-stop and 5 of us shared one hot coffee!! We cant stop playing and in the end, we didnt study at all. LOL!

Stupid faces!

Recall 2010 World Cup?! Recall where we watched Brazil played in World Cup? That day when Brazil lost and all 5 of us get so moody in Cassie's house. But we ended up driving to PD at 3am, and we 3 girls shouted like nothing, singing stupid songs in Weng's car? We thought it will be so nice watching sunrise beside the beach but we ended up freezing to death, and so damn exhausted sleeping in the car. XD

Well, i found out 3 of us can walk and shop non-stop for almost 12 hours!!! Damn scary and crazy!! Remember our triangle date in Times Square? We like buying same clothes same shorts and same skirts!! WE ENJOY BEING THE SAME AND LOOKING THE SAME! =D

Best triangle date ever!! =D

Lastly our lovely Prom Night!! You people came to my house, dressing up making up and playing over. I still remember you and cassie went for hair doing before tuition and rush to my house for make up. Then our GUYS came and pick us up. So cool right?

We look real great!


The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. Although we are soooo far, but our hearts are still connected.

Barbara Kingsolver once said that, The friend who holds your hand and says the wrong thing is made of dearer stuff than the one who stays away. Sometimes we may advise some of us, but it doesn't mean that we dont love each other anymore. We just want each of us to be a better person. That's all. And we surely hope that our friendship will grow stronger and deeper throughout these days!

When lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. And WE are the one who will always accompany you, no matter what happens to you. That's what we called - FRIENDSHIP!

Lastly, wanna wish you blessed 20th birthday, and i hope we can hold our hands together, for the next 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 50 years, and we can wish you blessed 70th birthday, popo Nicole!! XD

Hey peeps! Sorry for not updating again, life is full of suprise, and those suprise kept me busy these months!!

For your information, i'm currently working in Skin Food, Jusco Seremban 2. Welcome if you wanna treat me meal! =) It's quite tiring as i'm working for 6 days per week. And i've no more time to online, to update myself, to read, to shop, to relax. I'm tied with my job so much. But at least i gain experience, knowledge and i wont simply waste money again!

And back to my topic today, why i say i'm a blessed girl? I didnt realize at all until someone told me. He make me realized that i'm real blessed, no matter in searching jobs, studies, opportunities and lots more.

1. Looking back, after the day i finished my stpm, i joined Joshua Camp and i met a bunch of super cool friends! Then when i came back, i've a loooong break at home without worrying bout pocket money.

2. And secondly, i've the chance to fly to Pulau Redang, to get tanned there and enjoy snorkelling!! Enjoy the breeze of nature around me.

3. After coming back from Redang, not more than 2 weeks, I went to Singapore for visiting. Went side seeing around Singapore and this trip really open my eyes wide enough, to see and experience the another part of the world. =)

4. I found my job not using more than 1 hour, and i started my work immediately that week! Having great collegues around me, and i really do enjoy this job.

5. I applied to USM and i need to take their MUNSYI test before going for an interview. I got the chance to sit for the test in Malacca and rush back to work on the same day. =)

6. I passed the test!! I got the invitation to attend for USM interview in Penang this coming monday!! Really blessed that i got it, and i can go around Gurney to enjoy Penang's food!!! Yummy~ =)

Basically that's all for only 4 months, i'm anticipating what's going to happen for the rest 8 months of year 2011. Wanna thank God, He's great to me! BLESSED!! =)


I’m back from another amazing trip! It’s Singapore, yea, the country where lion rules!! =D

Actually it’s simply a trip to visit Singapore’s universities BUT if you’re there and leave without having little visiting, it’s a big big waste right? Lol, that’s how onn and I start our so-called-vacation there!!

We reached JB at midnight and Onn’s relative pick us up, the way back to our ‘house’ is really exhausting, I wasn’t having a good day even, with tonnes of pressure and stress, was really looking forward for a good trip that can splash away my worries!! We actually save a lot as his relatives offer us room for 3 nights!! It’s so sweet, plus free breakfast everyday! L-O-L.

The next early morning, we head towards Singapore, darn excited. I was like, I’m alone with friend here, and I’m going to oversea alone, without PARENTS!! Gosh, taste so great!! Our first destination, NUS- National University of Singapore, it’s the famous school, top school internationally, placed 34th, great school ever.

But everything drop so deep when we ended up LOST!! No joke, lost in a strange place strange country. I know nothing about their transportation and either map. I called my friend, but lack of credit, 3 minutes call for RM7.50! Duh, was so panic but luckily Onn lead me through it. We ask ppl there for directions, and finally we arrived safely in 30 minutes. =)

NUS is so amazing!!! It’s so big? Large? Spacious?! Gosh, I never even imagine it’s so big, I can really get lost there. So many schools inside, fabulous facilities, green grass, tress and flowers, spectacular buildings. They have 20 shuttle busses and bus stop everywhere. So convenient! Their residential areas, it’s like condo! I was thinking, is this a university or a city just for youngsters?! Amazing!!

One thing Singapore did it so great, was their public transportation. As we know how expensive it costs to own a car in Singapore. Just get a ez-link card, and you’re ready to get around Singapore. No matter bus, mrt or monorail, ez-link will just give ya a green light everywhere! We went around almost half of Singapore just within 3 days.

And what’s interesting was we went to Sentosa Island, and it’s a place lotsss of ppl wanna go! (And I went, proud!) Sentosa is big, we thought one day is sufficient for it. IMPOSSIBLE!! At least 2 or 3 days needed for the whole Sentosa. They have their own busses and monorail, and it’s FREE!! =) But every entrance for each stop charge you, and cost you so much, we student cant afford something like that. Plus the exchange rate is high, it’s 2.405. But we still visited the famous Underwater World Singapore in Sentosa Island! The high call for that is their pink dolphin!! The performance for their sea lion and pink dolphin was awesome! I never saw pink dolphin with my naked eyes, and it’s so real, they ‘sing’, dance and play. So cute, but deep down in my heart, I felt that they should be swimming freely in the deep wide sea right? Although they seems happy,(somehow I see them smiling) but they belong to the natural nature God created.

Nah, let’s don’t mention bout the sad stuff. Throughout the whole trip, I visited NUS, NTU, Vivo City (famous shopping complex and I got some super cheap mask there, excited!!), Underwater World Singapore, Sentosa Island, Universal Studio of Singpaore and not forgetting Chinatown! And one more thing, if you are going to Sentosa, try using the Sentosa Boardwalk, it’s nice and amazing, just cost you $1 only. =)

I think it’s all, lazy to elaborate bout others. Pictures talk, so lalala~~~ =D

When we were lost~!

Chinatown rocks!!

Map, the tool that bring us around Singapore. =)

Sentosa Boardwalk. Nice!

Universal Studio of Singapore.

Entrance of Underwater World Singapore.

Casino in Sentosa. *i'm not 21 yet, cant get in. =(*

The amazing tunnel!
Hey peeps!!
I'm so excited here to tell you guys how i enjoyed and had fun there!!
Believe me, Redang Island is so darn COOL!! =)
Although i'm so tanned now, everyone thought i'm a pure malay!! =.=
Redang ma, it's a place to enjoy under the sun, swim in the deep blue sea and get your skin tanned!!

I went there with 7 'daring-to-get-super-tanned' buddies, and we had a flight from Airasia to KT airport. After that, Uncle Tan fetched us to the jetty and we waited for 2 hours plus for our boat!
It was a nice and super awesome experience for me in that boat trip to Redang. It takes 1 hour plus inside the boat to reach our destination. And it was sooooo comfortable for ME, only me for that hour. The boat was somehow dancing, water splashing all around, waves were huge and the boat swings along. Everyone was like 'i-gotta-vomit-soon', but i was like 'its-so-super-comfy' and i actually slept!! *proud* =))))

We reached Redang's jetty, but we need to walk under the super hot sun in order to reach our resort. After almost one more hour walking under the sun, we finally reached our Redang Holiday Resort!!! It's real hot, no joke, Phan's nose even bleed!! Gosh!!

BUT, something that takes all our complains off, is that greenish blue deep sea, so pure so clean that we can look through her smiling face. Soft and warm, with some salty taste of pure white beaches in front of us. How can you ever complain about your sweat soaked shirts and dirty salty leg?! It's like heaven, dashing beautifully. The wind sings harmonically, the trees dance gracefully. It's so heaven!!

Without hesitation, we left our luggages in our rooms, run out to have our lunch. Next is to apply Sunplay SPF 130 super block!! =) Then we officially off to the sea!! Hooray!! Snorkelling is so damn fun!!! FUN! Maybe because i know swimming. *twink*
And 4 boys plus me, 1 girl jump into the sea! The sea is soooo cooling, i can say cold! Never expect it, some of us shirvel inside the sea. The water is so clean and clear, it's like mineral water around you. And imagine, it's totally like swimming pool, so crystal clear, but extremely salty. The sea so calm and quiet, fishes swimming all around you, the corals were so beautiful. Some are so large until i was scared it will swallow me up! It's marvelous, fantastic, breathtaking, and wonderful!! p/s, i even enjoy diving too, credits to one snorkelling guy who treat me super best! =)

We went back to our resort after 1 hour plus snorkelling, it's tiring but we all enjoyed. Colourful cakes for tea time. Favorite! =) We rest a little, chat more and smile the most! Then, our wonderful moment has reached!! Playing and swimming with waves. I mean huge waves, which are 2 feet tall? Maybe more, there're just so much taller than me, and we swim with them! They just splash and beat us up like nothing, throwing us almost 1 feet away when they hit us, but kita enjoy larh. =)

One more very special thing we discover in Redang, our resort boss,动力火车told us, that there's a creature called 'blue sand'. They are somehow shell's kids, which lay under the side beaches. What's so special about them, is they give out shinning blue light and they are extremely small in size. We was like 'WOW' when we heard that, we immediately finish our dinner, off to the beach for these special blue sands. We walk in line, so we can check our friend's footstep. We walked sooo far, i think 5 km of beaches, then only we found ONE SUPER BRIGHT AND CUTE blue sand, laying in a footstep. It's so miraculous for me, as i never saw or heard something like that. It's God's creation, so mighty and awesome!!

Happy time flies so fast. We gotta leave Redang, took some photos and look around. Gosh, we look so different. Soooo tanned, everyone so tanned, especially me. I'm having the biggest difference among all my friends. Lol! Clean, packed and leave with a smile, with a promise that we'll be back again! Here are some photos, sit back and relax. Imagine those soft breeze and waves beating the shore. Marvelous!

Awesome beach!!

Breakfast! Yummy. =)

Tiger rules? Nah, Heneiken rules!!

See my arm, difference between dark and fair!

Redang, super redang!!


We really enjoyed!! =D


Indeed STPM result was out just 2 days ago.
And indeed there's laughter and disappointment.
But most of it,
They are worried about what course should they take.
Worried what their future holds with the result they receive.

Me too received my result.
Although i name it 'perfect' but it's not that so-called perfect.
But it's enough and i'm satisfied with it.
I got 3A and 1B-.
And what?!!
Why having such big difference with your another 3 subjects?!
It's like starting from A to A- to B+ to B and to B-.
I got B- for my 'lovely' maths.
Franlky, i never ever enjoy myself studying that for the whole form 6.
It was so tough and suffer so much!!!
I really work very hard for my maths and quite disappointed with it.
But never mind, i was really proud with my pa, econ and business!!
I got perfect A for them. =)))

Next should be no problem for me as i have enough pointer to enter mass com.
And suddenly so much stuff just pop out,
And everything i planned since form 5 just destroyed!
I know it should be something so 'WOW' since it's better than entering local uni,
Just cant describe my feelings here.

I believe that He holds my future,
What i need to do is to pray and believe.
And lastly, i LOVE you all!! =)))

*Felt really terrible now*